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Recent Customer Requests for Electrician

hi, I would like to install outdoor recessed lighting on the east and west sides of my house with a large motion detector light in the backyard. I am planning to buy the lights but would like to have quotes for the costs to wire these lights. thanks!

Steve H

Hello We would like to have an idea of what you would charge to Hang a Chandelier in a commerical space? It weighs about 40lbs. Kindly let me know, thank you!

T. M. 

We have a number of small projects that need attention as well as two or three probably larger ones: 1) Outside lamppost has quite working. I believe the interior switch needs replacing. 2) Light in utility room, switch broken 3) Pool Light needs repair. We had some work done on the pool and noticed that when the light was on there was a small electric charge in the watrer around it. It has since been disconncted. 4) Hall light switch may been replacing Larger issues: 1) Whenever our dryer or dishwasher is on, lights in the house flicker when they change cycles. On the plumbing side: 1) Sump pump is not functioning. 2) Upstairs shower either has a leak or some other issue that has created a leak in the ceiling below. 

Grant J

I have a GFCI circuit which is "slow-tripping" the GFCI receptacle. This is the garage and outside circuit. I also have two plugs in the masterbath which are not working, which I would like to have functional. Call if you have additional questions. Thanks.

Bill M

Hi, i need an estimation for electrical heating cost for 1235 square feet apt in a semi- detached building.

Rabin M

Change light fixture in foyer - ceiling is 22 feet high. Change light fixture in kitchen over table - ceiling is 10 feet tall. Add two new lights over kitchen island where there is currently no lights- will probably be able to tie into light over kitchen table.

Ryan W

We have a sign at the entrance of our neighborhood that we would like to add electricity to. We have spoken to Alabama Power regarding the process on doing this. They responded via email and stated that we needed a licensed electrician to wire up an electric meter. We are wanting a LED light to light up our sign along with a accessible plug on site that we can keep locked when not in use. Thank you,

Luis T

Our outdoor electric is not working.

Frank R

To install power outlets (there is a power source (plugs on outside back patio near where sump pumps will be installed in crawlspace of 5 townhome units for plug in for sump pumps which we will be installing.

Bernie H - 6/30

I need to get an interval timer wired to a regenerative blower for my aerobic septic system.

Chris F

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Electrician Brooklyn, New York

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