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Would like a ceiling fan on outdoor patio. No existing fan, but we do have the ceiling fan. Need wiring and then put fan up. Thank you,

Jeanna K

Old wire replaced to light fixture in the celing. Two fixtures possibly up to 5 fixtures. Check a bathroom vent fan.

Brian T

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Electrician - Electrician Questions
1.20 How much Should I expect to pay an Electrician to replace a Chandelier?

Q. Hello! My boyfriend and I are considering a new Chandelier for our dining room, the one that came with the place is quite old and not very chic. I have found one that I like and he has said that he might be able to do it, but I figure if an electrician's fee is not too steep, I would rather a professional do it. How much do you think replacing a chandelier should cost? Thank you!

A. Call a local electrician to get a price. Here in the US, I would have no idea what an electrician in Australia charges. The price will depend on whether you get an electrical contractor, or hire an electrician to do it "on the side". Hope this helps.

1.20 Where to start while remodeling my bathroom?

Q. Ok so I have decided to remodel my bathroom. Most of it I will be doing myself. I am just wondering where I should start? Here is a list of things that will be done: 1. Take down old pink tile and put new tile in 2. Put in new bathroom sink/vanity 3. Put in new toilet 4. Convert bathtub to shower/tub combo ( there's pink tile around the bathtub as well) I will not be doing this myself. I am going to hire someone to do this. Any advice would be great

A. I attempted to answer, but there are things I do not know. What are you doing yourself and what are you hiring a professional for ? Is a plumber going to be hired for all the plumbing or will you do it yourself ? Do you have a second bathroom to use during the reno ? If not, then time is a factor and will affect the way you approach your project. Also, if you only had a tub before, you probably do not have an exhaust fan. I would highly recommend getting one installed if you are to install a shower to prevent moisture damage. Higher the sones, the quieter the unit & higher the price. You may need to hire an electrician if you cannot do this yourself. The more work you can take away from a professional, the more savings for you.

1.20 Questions about doing the big 3 upgrade?

Q. Last year I was about to do this install for my stereo, I bought all the stuff I need and then right when I was about to install it all, I took a reading of my power wire and it seemed to damn high already from what was coming from it. ( I can't remember the voltage because it was a year ago) I showed my uncle that's a mechanic ( not an electrician) and he said that "I wouldn't do it because it's already hi and it might fry lots of things" I know that the voltage was above 12.6 for sure! maybe 14 something? and that's before I even installed any extra gauge wire. so I just changed my mind and never installed it...I still have everything and I'm wanting to try this again and actually doit but I really don't want to ruin my car or fry all my audio equipment, should I hire a professional shop to do this so then they are liable for any damage? also - I have a kinetic 1400 battery under my hood powering my car. and my stereo is jl audio amp and sub. I don't want to buy a HO alt yet. thanks


1.20 If I act as my own general contractor for a bathroom remodel, do all my subcontractors need to be licensed?

Q. I plan to use a licensed plumber to replace the pipes with copper pipes and combine the separate shower with the exising bathtub, and put in new tile and cabinets. I assume this will require a permit (I'm in Los Angeles). My question is, will my project be approved if the electrician is not licensed in CA (he is licensed in another state)?

A. Are you a licensed contractor? If so, no he does not need a license , but if you are not licensed, and you are using a subcontractor to do your electrical, that is not licensed, be careful. Other than that , if it passes inspection, it passes inspection. Licensed or not. Yes you will have to have a permit. Make sure you get that first.

1.20 Does a homeowner have the right to see bills/contracts between the builder and the subcontractors?

Q. A homeowner signed a contract with us to remodel their kitchen and bathroom. We hired two subcontractors: an electrician and a plumber to do work at their house. Now the homeowner wants to see bills/contracts between our company and the subcontractors we hired. Does he have any right to see our company's bills/contracts between us and the subcontractors we hired? The contract does state that any communications to the subcontractor from the homeowner has to be done through the contractor. Any help would be appreciated since we are new to the business.

A. He has a right to see licenses & qualifications. He has a right to see insurance e.g. public liability. He has NO right to see financial contract between you and the contractors. I would get out quick if you can he sounds like a bad customer.

1.20 What tools does an electrician apprentice need to have for sure; and mechanic in his garage?

Q. What tools does an electrician apprentice need to have for sure; any tool you can think of? What are the tools that an electrician and mechanic uses in his garage and on different jobs and things. What is some of the most expensive tools he needs to think about when he is going out shopping; is their a better kind to look for;

A. Oh, that’s a leading question. Whatever tools you get, you’ll usually need the one you didn’t bring. Basic, basic tools are: Work Gloves (leather is acceptable) Multi-meter Non-contact voltage tester (also called a “wiggler”) Screwdriver set -- or a “multi” or 4-in-1 type. You need at least a #1 and #2 Phillips (cross-point), and smaller and larger slot screwdriver (sizes will vary). Allen wrench set (hex set) A shorter screwdriver (“stubby”) and an offset screwdriver will be helpful, too. Lineman’s pliers (pliers include heavy-duty cutter) Long-nose pliers Wire Stripper Wire-cutter (for copper wire) Small hammer There are a number of other tools that you will need, but you will know them as you do more complex projects. Always think safety first – confirm that the circuit you’re working on is not energized (has no power). Move cautiously – even though the majority of your tools will have insulation, that will not stop the tool from shorting a circuit if one of them is energized (even when you’re not working on that one). Work with a partner. If one of you runs into trouble, the other can help out.

1.20 In Maryland can a master electrician pull a permit for someone not doing the work?

Q. Specifically, can an electrician pull permits for a company he does not work for? The electrician charges a fee for a company to use his license, but does not work for that company. He then pulls permits for other companies for a fee, and doesn't do the work is this allowed?

A. I don't know about maryland but here in colorado its done all the time .... the catch is its your license on the line if not done properly and to code and if something happens down the line you are responsible not the person who did it.

1.20 What does liability insurance cover for an electrician or other contractor?

Q. If an electrician (or plumber or any other professional) comes to my home and injures himself (in the case of an electrician, he electricutes himself) do I have any liability? Does it matter if he's a licensed professional or not? What if he damages my home - like a ladder falls and breaks a window? When an electrician says he's "insured" does it mean he's covered for damage to my home or damage to himself? Or both? Thanks to all who can provide some answers!

A. Liability insurance generally covers damage to your home or property by the contractor. if he is covered by workers compensation then he is also covered for injuries. the general rules for workers comp are if you are the proprietor and the sole employee then you dont have to be covered by workers comp, but if you have even one employee, including family members , then you MUST have workers comp. if the contractor is covered he will have registration numbers


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